Mas Gabana was founded 2003 by Antonio Carreras Llobpart and Jose Maria Soler Gabana with the vision to produce useful and innovative products for plants.
We offer our products to the flower and decorationssector, they are sold by wholesailers and retailers, can be found in florist´s shops and gardencenters and are used by professional decorators.
Our office is situated in Calle Bruc 87 directly in the middle of Barcelona in Spain.
From here we send our products to our clients all over Europe.

We base the development of new products on observations of the market and the opinion of experts from this sector.
With this knowledge we determinete the core of the product and it is developed by a famous industrial designer then.
We use to check the his concept accuratly and improve it if necessary.
Based on this improved concept we produce a prototype and present the new product for the time to the market.

Finally we begin with the creation of the mould and the fabrication.

Out of the best transport companies we have chosen those which can garanty that you will recive your order completely and in the shortest time posible.