Excellent light but do not exposure your orchid under the intense sun shinning. If you find out that leaves of your orchid are dark, they need more light. The best color for leaves is lettuce green.

Night time 15 Celsius degree and daytime 25 degree will be suitable. It will be grateful to set up a 10 Celsius degree difference between night time and daytime, especially in season of autumn.

If you find out that root area of your orchid dries out, it means that you should water once every ten days during winter time and once every two or three weeks during summer period.

Water should be soft and without lime. Rain water, reversed osmosis, mineral water from soft mineralization will all be acceptable.

This is convenient to use manure for dedicated plants (without urea). Like those African violet as well, only need to use amount of suitable manure in a bottle. The norm of fertilization as ¨weekly weakly¨, fertilize your orchid once a week and with light fertility. (For winter, less fertilization)

Root Area:
Every two years, more or less, the material of supporting root area degrades easily and it is necessary to renew it. If the material has been used often, it is usual to utilize bark of pine finely chopped, pulp and leave it access to air but not for the ground of flowerpot.

It is better to let your orchid stay in a high humid environment. During summer period you could spray water on it once awhile. You may put your orchid on a plate of water and fine gravel. However, the old part of the flowerpot does not make it touch to water, because it might damage its roots.

Flowering Period:
The phalaenopsis orchids start to grow rod from October (for booming season in the following year March), during this period of time it is important to lower down night time temperature. If your orchid is in the interior for entire year, it is better to take it out to balcony only for nighttime on September and October. When your orchid starts to grow rod for those leaves, you should remove it back to your interior house. Flowering period for phalaenopsis can be taken to 3 to 4 months and if orchid grew up well, it may produce two or more rods in a year,

After the flowering period, phalaenopsis orchids need to be rested for two to three weeks. With little risk but without leave it completely, you may trim rods or cut rods directly underneath of first flower. If you would like to cut rods, please leave one rod for about 15 cm, because perhaps this rod could be observed knots between every 8 to 10 cm and these knots might bloom again in the following year with many other rods at the same time.